Luscious Lip Glosses for Spring/Summer

May 24th, 2013

Memorial Day is around the corner its time to swap our wine stained lips for something a little brighter –and fruitier! Perfect your dewy spring look with The Body Shop’s yummy new range of lip glosses bursting with vibrant shine and juicy flavors.
The collection contains 11 super glossy, mouth-watering shades to choose from, each with a succulent fruity flavor to lift your mood. Love seasonal fruits? Then slick on the Plum, Peach or Strawberry. Fancy something more exotic? Try the Mango, Lychee or Coconut. Looking for a refreshing hue? Have a sip of the Mint or Watermelon. Your lips are left moisturized smooth and kissably soft thanks to our new formula enriched with vitamins E and B5 and Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil. Perfect for a dewy spring look – and they are only $10 each!
The Heart Inside:Their Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil comes from Women In Business Development Initiative in Samoa, where coconuts grow naturally. Moisturizing enriching and replenishing, we think our coconut oil is the best that money can buy. Best of all, our trade has provided people with an alternative to migrating in search of work, giving families an opportunity to develop and grow their own livelihoods.

Coconut Lip Gloss

Coconut Lip Gloss Picture
Coconut Lip Gloss
Peach Lip Gloss Picture
Peach Lip Gloss
Watermelon Lip Gloss Picture
Watermelon Lip Gloss

How to Shampoo and Condition Curly Hair

October 19th, 2012

“Fifty percent of North American women have natural wave or curl to their hair. For these women, texture is not a trend that comes and goes, it’s a lifestyle – and they’re looking for guidance on how to embrace it,” says Sam Villa, top Redken stylist.

Naturally curly hair is fragile, prone to frizz, lacks shine, is dry and unpredictable, so shampooing and conditioning wavy, curly, springy, spiral and kinky hair takes skill and finesse, and should only be done 2-3 times a week. Villa suggests the following:

· Saturate hair with water - curly hair tends to repel water, so wet from underneath all the way down to the scalp. Run fingers through hair to determine if there is resistance, if there is, apply conditioner first before shampooing. Redken Curvaceous Curl Drive nourishing mask for dry intense curls can be applied with hands from ends to scalp by raking fingers through to evenly distribute and detangle. This step is normally needed if you are working with kinky curly and very tight curls.

· Apply shampoo from ends to scalp raking fingers through hair. Curvaceous Cream Shampoo is sulfate-free so it does not lather very much which is beneficial when cleansing curly hair. Foaming a traditional shampoo by agitating hair in circular or back and forth motions creates friction and tangles. To cleanse the scalp of oils and product buildup, use a gentle massaging motion with fingertips to manipulate shampoo down to the scalp. From the scalp, go back to the nape area, from underneath, run fingers through the hair, then to the sides and back up to the crown area to rake through the entire head to loosen tangles. Rinse shampoo.

· Apply a conditioner like Redken Curvaceous Conditioner – springy/curly or kinky/curly needs moisture put back into the hair. To apply, begin at the ends and work towards the scalp, raking fingers through hair. Manipulate the conditioner back down the hair shaft all the way through the hair from scalp to ends. Curvaceous Conditioner is a very concentrated product – a little goes a long way. Depending on hair type (tends to frizz) and weather (especially in high humidity) some conditioner can be left in the hair. When working on fine textured hair or hair that does not have a tendency to frizz, rinse the conditioner out. Once condition is rinsed out, fingers should glide through hair effortlessly!

· Wring excess water from hair and squeeze sections with a t-shirt to rid hair of excess water. Using a t-shirt is much more gentle than the coarse fabric of a towel which roughs up the cuticle and causes frizz.

The Redken Curvaceous line is available at salons and The Redken Gallerie/212-984-5027. Learn more curly hair tips and techniques on . Facebook: samvillahair; Twitter: samvilla;


Getting Mileage Out of Your Highlights

September 17th, 2012

I am one of the clients Patrick McIvor is talking about in this recent press release. I have highlighted hair over a slighty darker base. I think this is a great piece of advice for those of us who don’t have the time or money to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks to maintain such a look. Read on for more…

September, 2012 (Bethlehem, PA) – Reducing the number of foils, strategic placement and using tone-on-tone colors are all ways of creating low maintenance highlights. Instead of foiling hair at every visit, clients can go 2-3 visits without sitting through the process. BUT, what about the happy highlighter that still gets a full head of contrasting highlights and wants to streamline maintenance? Patrick McIvor, Matrix Artistic Director, has a tip.

“If you want a full head of highlights, but don’t want to sit through the service every 6-8 weeks, get a glaze every other to two visits to keep them looking fresh. Glazing reduces the contrast between the highlights and the natural color growing in, helping to eliminate new growth lines and toning highlights with fresh life,” says McIvor.

He uses Matrix Gloss Sync Non-Alkaline Acid Color because it’s ammonia-free with a low pH, and conditions and restructures to rebalance hair porosity. It works well for toning highlights, refreshing permanent color and glazing, and because it’s a demi-permanent color, new growth appears more gracefully. Glazing also seals the hair cuticle closed imparting a high gloss finish and drastically reducing frizz. It’s a no brainer!

Alice & Olivia at Spring Fashion Week

September 13th, 2012

Fresh off the runways, it’s ponytails from Alice and Olivia at New York Fashion Week Spring 2013. Read on and get a glimpse of these stunning beauties and L’Oreal hairstyles.

See their Hair Article Here for more.

How to Wax Like a Pro

September 12th, 2012

September, 2012 (New York City) – Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar, shapes over 500 brows a month and is regularly questioned about how to shape the perfect set. The answer is, there are no perfect brows – brows are sisters, not twins! BUT, there are some fundamentals to follow and Boom Boom is spilling the beans in to inspire women everywhere to go for big, bold, beautiful brows in 2013.

Start by LETTING THEM GROW, so you have something to work with. Then, follow Boom Boom’s 6 steps to GORG brows. At just $24 a pop and 10 minutes, it’s a no brainer to get a pro job, but Boom Boom wants DIY’ers to know too!

Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom) is the flashiest waxer in town. She’s obsessed with brows and sees no reason why everyone shouldn’t have a thick gorgeous set. After all, they are the most important feature on the face. Boom Boom knows there’s no such thing as natural beauty, but she does believe a perfectly done brow is an instant eyelift – no Botox necessary! Waxing can be fun and affordable for everyone! Stop by or book online:
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